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Eye screening, eye tests, contact lenses, coloured lenses, eye drops, prescription spectacles, magnifiers, repairs

FREE eye screening

Preventing problems is better than treating them. Catch them early with our free service.

Spectacle Repairs

Sat on your glasses again? Have a screw loose? Bring them in to have them repaired.

Everything you need

You can purchase your contact lenses, eye drops, spectacles, cases, cords, etc. directly from us.


See the following articles for accurate up-to-date information on a variety of topics.

Dry Eye

Some people do not produce enough tears making their eyes very uncomfortable... [read more]


Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common type of refractive error... [read more]


Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the internal pressure of the eye increases... [read more]

Worried about any of the above?

Where to find us

We are situated opposite the exit of Peppergrove Mall

Where to find us

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